Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Emmaus update

First I promised a few people and a couple of churches (where the video wouldn't work) that I would post it on here but haven't got round to doing it yet, apologies for the delay!  This is a great video which shows exactly why Emmaus is here and in the words of Bill,

 'If a photo is worth a thousands words then a video is worth a million.'

EBS kicked of this new academic year with 4 weeks of intensive classes and this week saw the beginning of residential classes.  Bill is teaching three courses this semester, introduction to the New Testament to the new class of 20 first years, general epistles and old testament wisdom literature to the 3rd years.

Every year Stacey meets our new students and collects their testimonies. Its always a great insight to hear where our students are coming from and how God brought them to Emmaus. Here is the testimony from one of our new first years.

Years before Jopnel was old enough to even be thinking about seminary, God had already brought him to Saccanville, the small mud-hut village Emmaus calls home.
He recalls his first trip while explaining the most dangerous evangelism experience he’s ever had.  His youth group was spending the summer sharing the Gospel in villages stretching from Cap-Haitian to Limbe. As Jopnel unpacked God’s plan of salvation in a small Saccanville yard, a man lunged at him with a machete, holding the chiseled blade to Jopnel’s neck for several minutes before plunging it into the ground by his feet.
Despite this experience, and others like it, Jopnel beams as he calls evangelism his great God-given passion.  “Since I was about 12, I knew I wanted to follow the Lord always, and when I was 14 I was baptized in the same church where I still serve today. I have always loved sharing the Gospel story with others, and I realized long ago that if I didn’t take the Word out from the church, there would be many, many people who would never hear it.
“I got into the practice of sharing the Good News in tap-taps (small public transportation trucks) years ago. When I climb in, I immediately start asking about where everyone’s been, where they are going, how they are doing, and looking for a path. I pray God will show me a way in, and when He does, I take that road, using one of those conversations to lead into a simple Gospel message. I talk about how we all come up short, about God’s great love for us and desire to be in relationship with us, and about how that motivated Him to send His Son for the gap that our sin leaves. Every day I share the Gospel like that, in every tap-tap I’m in. It’s a great place to do it because I have a captive audience!”
After continually noticing the way another young man in his prayer group “just stood out as a man of character I wanted to be like in my walk with Jesus,” Jopnel learned that Rujerry was a student at Emmaus Biblical Seminary (now graduated, May 2018, and on staff).  “Both he and the associate pastor at my church encouraged me to study at Emmaus after high school, and I’m now at the beginning of my final year!”
“I give glory to God because He’s truly shown Himself to me through so many people at Emmaus.” Jopnel says.  “I’ve been thoroughly trained–spiritually and academically–and whatever continued ministry I end up in after graduation, it will be with my whole heart and with the relationships and tools I need to do it well, for His glory!”

Here at Emmaus we aim to keep tuition affordable for students, in order to do that EBS has a scholarship fund where you can help students like Jopnel to continue their studies at EBS.  For more information click here to find out how you can be part of what God is doing at Emmaus.

Monday, 3 September 2018

made it

We made it....thanks to all of you who prayed for us over the past few days.  Travelling went well, mostly...the boys did great on Saturday but after a 2am wake up (miami time)  on Sunday morning they were tired flying to Haiti.  Wee Jacob hasn't been well with a heavy cold and cough but he was great on all the flights and did a lot of sleeping, he just hasn't been so great at night.  Please pray for him to get better soon....Bill and I are in need of a very good nights sleep and we want him to feel better.

It feels good to be back in our house, unpacking and sorting is still ungoing, I am sitting here in the boys bedroom, they have just fallen asleep and as I look down there is barely any floor space as their clothes are all over the floor.  The problem with three boys is you never get rid of anything, (you also don't have to buy a lot of new stuff) so there is a lot of sorting to be done.

I took Sam to school today to meet his teacher and see his classroom, he was a little nervous going but now he is really excited to start school tomorrow.  I, on the other hand am not excited to be packing lunches everyday...any suggestions please send them my way!!But I am so thankful he has the opportunity to go to school here.

The boys are really glad to be back, especially to play with Lily, Sofie and Nora next door.  Bill will be back working tomorrow and I am still working out when that is going to happen for me.  Yverose and Michilene who look after the boys will be coming a couple of days a week for the boys to get to know them so I can get back to work in the clinic.

Our trip to Northern Ireland feels like a long time ago now even though it we only left three days ago.  Haiti really does feel like million miles away from everywhere else.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Calling all physios, OTs and SLTs

I am planning a UK therapy team to come and work alongside Altidor and I in March 2019.  Here are some Q&A's and if you are interested or want any more information just get in touch with me. 

What are the dates?
12th - 23rd March 2019 which includes travel time.

How much will it cost?
The exact cost is to be confirmed but it will likely cost £1300 - £1500.  This figure will change depending on flight prices.  This cost includes travel, accommodation, food, internet, beach trip and police check.  

Where will we stay?

You will be staying at a guesthouse on the OMS campus.  This is also where you will eat all your meals.  The campus has electricity all day, internet and 24 hour security.  The clinic is situated on the same campus and is a 5 minute walk from the guest house. 

Where will be working and what sort of equipment do you have?

You will be working in the new therapy room at Bethesda Medical Centre.  We have a paediatric area, 3 plinths, a bar, stairs, gymballs, theraband, wobble boards and lots of splints and supports. 

What will we be doing?

Your role will be to treat patients in the mornings, anything from strokes, to back pain, to paediatric neurological conditions. We will also be using this time to focus on some 1-1 training with Altidor.  During these treatment sessions you will also have opportunities to share the gospel and to pray with patients.  In the afternoons we will invite 20 local Haitian physiotherapy technicians to come for education and training.  We will also be able to do a few community visits.

I would like to have a one or two SLTs on the team..  The role of an SLT in this context would be to create communication boards, working alongside a translator, working with patients who are suffering from aphasia, dysphagia and dsyarthria.  It would also be helpful to do some training with local physio technicians as there are very very few SLTs in Haiti. 

Our goal for this team is not only to show the love of Christ through helping people physically but also to train up Haitian physios so they can do their job better.

How many will be on the team?

I am aiming for a small team of 4-6 people. 

What skills do I need?

Altidor and I  treat a lot of strokes, undiagnosed neurological conditions and paedicatric neurological conditions such as CP.  We also see a lot of back pain and general joint pain.  Having never worked in paeds I would love someone with experience in paeds to do some more specific training with Altidor.  On the other hand I have found that very simple things make a huge difference so if you didn't have any neuros experience I wouldn't let that put you off. 

Why does Haiti need therapists?

Haiti has a handful of fully qualified physiotherapists, even fewer occupational therapists and even fewer speech therapists.  The first Haitian university degree for physiotherapy and occupational therapy began in 2015, it is a 4 year degree and will have its first graduates in 2019.  Any other Haitian who is working in the profession has trained outside of Haiti.  There is no where in country a Haitian can go to train to be a speech therapist.  Before the 2010 earthquake therapy was mostly unheard but there was such a huge need for therapy after the earthquake that there were many foreign therapists visiting to provide rehabilitation services for those injured in the earthquake.  Today the Haitian government estimate there are more then 900,000 people living with disability in Haiti. 

The training we will do will be with physiotherapy technicians who have done two years of schooling and are eager for more training so they can improve the treatment of their patients. 

How do I apply?

You will need to apply through OMS UK you can do this by going to their website.  Once you have filled out this 'getting to know you form' you will be sent a short application form to fill out.  Along with this form you will need two referees.  After this you will attend a short interview to be accepted onto the team.  OMS is an evangelical non denominational organisation and the overall purpose of teams is always to help the spread of the gospel and glorify God through the work teams are doing. 

If you have any further questions or want to know how to apply through OMS please email me

Sunday, 12 August 2018

go go go

Things have been all go since we got home three weeks ago (Hence there has been no update!). We have almost finished all our appointments (thankfully) and have had a great time catching up with family and friends.

After arriving back in Haiti last year completely exhausted we are trying to pace ourselves this year but its so hard when you know you are only here for a short period of time you just want to spend all your time with the people you miss when your away.  Needless to say I am not very good at pacing myself and just staying at home and having a rest so I am pretty tired as are the boys.  Meeting lots of people and going to new places really takes it out of them.

The boys are really enjoying seeing their friends but especially family.  Joel wants to go to his Grannys house all day everyday and Sam loves playing with his cousins.  Jacob has had a great time meeting the other side of his family and has not been strange with anyone which has been great.

Bill has been going to my mums everyday to work and get prepared for this upcoming semester, where he will be teaching three courses as well as continuing with his masters.  Its going to be a busy semester for Bill.

The timing of our trip has been great as we have been able to go to a couple of special events. On Wednesday we were went to Pip and Isamels wedding.  Pip was one of the five girls I lived with at university and between me being in Haiti, Cat being in South Africa, Pip being in New Zeland then England its been almost seven years since the five of us have been in the same country at the same time.  It was so great to be there and celebrate with Pip.

We left for Haiti in June 2016 and just 8 weeks later our nephew, Ben was born, we met him last June but missed his first birthday but today he turns 2 and we were able to go to his birthday party last night which was great.

Its been great to be able to go to our home church these past three Sundays, we always appreciate being able to worship in English.  We are also so thankful to the support of our home church and often can't believe the number of people who tell us they are praying for us.

We have spoken at a couple of meetings but things get busier from now with having to share every Sunday morning and evening plus a mid week from now until we leave for Haiti.  Today were off to Glenarm baptist for both the morning and evening service. 

I'll leave you with a few photos...

After having three daughters my mum and dad have ended up with five grandsons!

Jenni and I have been friends since we were we have 6 boys between us, Toby is the oldest at 5!

Jacob enjoyed meeting some of my friends babies who have been born during this last year we have been away. 

Saturday, 21 July 2018

We made it

With no big delays, no lost suitcases and absolutely no questions at immigration we arrived!The boys were great travelling, all three of them slept on the 9 hour flight and only Sam was awake for the second flight.

Today started with sleeping in, I woke all the boys up at 11am this morning.  Most people tell me that jet lag makes their kids wake up in the middle of the night but in our experience it just makes the boys more tired which works out pretty well actually!

The rest of the day has been unpacking and seeing family.  By far wee Jack is the most excited to have us home.  He was crying seeing Sam and Joel at the airport and had us all crying!

The boys are off to bed at a more normal time tonight and Bill & I won't be too far behind them! We are looking forward to going to our own church tomorrow and between the dentist, doctor and optician this week is full of appointments and catching up with more friends.

Thank you for your prayers, God answered and brought us here safely and smoothly.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


The word home has taken on a new meaning in our lives over the past few years and more so in this past year.  We call three places home now, Canada, Northern Ireland and Haiti. But not all those places really feel like home.

For me, my home is in Bangor Northern Ireland where I grew up and have spent most of my life except for the times I've lived in Haiti.  Since Bill was 18 he hasn't lived anywhere longer than 5 years so Youngstown, where he grew up still feels like home to him.  And for Sam & Joel Haiti really feels like home to them. You can imagine when people here have been asking us where we are from its been a little tricky to answer. 

On Thursday we leave Bills home to go to my home which I am pretty excited about.  Its been a year and the longest I have been away from home and I am ready to go!  We are so thankful we have been able to visit NI both last summer and this summer.  Because most of the ministries in Haiti are teaching, things shut down for the summer so instead of taking a one year furlough every 4 years most of the missionaries go 'home' every summer.  Although most of this time is spent raising support and sharing in churches we feel so thankful to be able to spend time with family and friends.

So home for us is all over the place and sometimes we get frustrated and just want to be in one place and never leave which is never going to happen given that we are from two different countries! But when we feel like that we look back at the experiences we have had, the places we have been, the people we have met and the ways we have seen God work and are thankful for the travelling around knowing God is using this time to grow His Kingdom. 

From the hot mountains of Haiti 

To the cold prairies of Alberta!

We have often sat down to have a meal with each person at the table being a different nationality yet we are part of the same family of Christ.  One of my favourites was in Haiti with two of the visiting professors eating at our house (their wives were at home).  The first man was from Nigeria, he was married to a girl from Kenya but they lived in the states, the second man was from Haiti, married to a Russian girl again living in the states, Bill from Canada and me from Northern Ireland.  As we shared visa and immigration stories, whats its like to be married to someone from a different culture and how we all managed to be in Haiti at the same time It got me thinking about the family of God.  Isn't it amazing how we, as Christians can go almost anywhere in the world and meet people that we will spend eternity with in Heaven!

Anyway one of our supporters sent me these verses and it so true...

Philippians 3v20 ' But our citizenship is in heaven.  And we eagerly await a Saviour from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.'

Hebrews 13 v14 ' For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.'

Our earthly 'home' may change but our heavenly home always remains the same and how much better will it be than this earth! Something to focus on when times are difficult, when we don't want to get on another flight or when we want to have a more 'permanent' home.

But for now we keep getting on the flights and living somewhere that might not feel like home until God calls us somewhere else.

Some things to pray for as we leave Canada and head for NI.

Pray for a safe flight and that the boys would travel well and adjust well.
Pray that we could have no problems at immigration in London.  We are all travelling on a British passport except Jacob who will travel on his Canadian passport, which our sister in law picked up today. (Praise the Lord it was ready in time!)
Pray for all our speaking engagements that more people would get involved in the work in Haiti.
Pray too for the provision of a car, currently we will be sharing with my mum and sister.  If anyone had one that we (or my mum so we can take hers!) can drive please get in touch.

For those of you in Norn Iron were looking forward to seeing you!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Summer Schedule

If you would like to hear us share in August then come along to one of the following places, if you can't make it and would like to catch up then email me ( and we will arrange a time to see you. 

Sunday 12th - Glenarm Baptist Church 11am and 6.30pm

Wed 15th -   Upper Clonaneese Presbyterian 7.30pm

Sunday 19th  - Ballychrochan Baptist Church 11am
                          Straid Congregational Church 6.30pm   

Wed 22nd  - Millisle Baptist church 8pm

Sunday 26th - St Andrews Presbyterian 11am 
                         Bethany Baptist Church 6.30pm
                         Bangor worldwide 8pm  You can read more about Bangor worldwide here

Thursday 30th - Bangorworldwide Satellite in Magherafelt Union Road Presbyterian Church 7,45pm

Saturday 1st September - leave NI for Haiti!

I was sharing at a MFM golf tournament last week as they were raising money to buy medicine for Bethesda and while I was thanking them for their support it really struck me (yet again) how many people it takes in order for us to live in Haiti.  

We cannot do it without your financial and prayer support and we do like coming back and telling you the stories of what God is doing in Haiti because you are part of those stories too.  I love that God uses so many different people, so many links in the chain to bring people to himself.  So when your £20 comes out of your bank each month and when you pray for us when you see our picture on your fridge (which is still weird to me!) remember you are part of what God is doing in Haiti.