Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Haiti earthquake

I have had a few emails and texts asking if Im ok, for those of you who don't know Im in the US at cross training and not in Haiti yet.

I have had a hard day for a couple of reasons of which you will probably know. One of which is hearing the news about the earthquake in haiti and looking at the pictures which are devastating. OMS works mainly in the north of the country and all the missionaries there have not been harmed, they also have a villa in Port au Prince at which everyone is safe and unharmed. For which we are thankful here at headquarters. But as you have probably seen on the news there is so much devastation, Haiti really needs our prayers and our help at this time.

The other is just news from my family at home which I got today. Its hard to be here in america and not at home with them right now. So I would just ask you to pray for me and for them at this time.

I am very encouraged by the emails and messgaes I have got of those people already praying and I thank you for that.

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