Monday, 18 January 2016

Summer Mission Trip to Haiti

This summer OMS are hoping to send a young adults team (aged 18 - 40) to work at EBS. The dates are 12th - 23rd August 2016. The team will be mostly doing practical work around the seminary. The students are due back towards the end of August and all the dorms and classrooms will need freshened up, tidied up and any unwanted guests ( snakes, spiders, rats etc!!) will be forced to leave!!There will also be an opportunity to get out in the community and meet some Haitian people, perhaps even share the gospel or pray with people. The team will also be visiting all of the OMS ministries in Haiti including the medical clinic, radio station, cowman School and the dental clinic.  The cost will be roughly £1300 however a  large part if this cost will depend on flights. If you want more information come and talk to Bill or I or have a look at To apply for the team also visit the website and apply online. 

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I have read and talked about short term mission trips with lots of people and it seems the view towards short term missions is becoming more and more negative. 

Some quotes I have heard 

'Its a waste of money, why not just send the money instead'

'Its an excuse for people to go on holiday but get someone else to pay for it'

'It ruins a lot of work that long term missionaries have worked hard to achieve'

And yes sometimes these statements are true but do we then stop short term mission trips altogether? Maybe what we need to do is look at the way we are doing mission trips.

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I think short term missions are really important for a number of different reasons :

  • Encouragement for long term missionaries.......many missionaries are burnt out, tired, discouraged and homesick (you probably won't get this from their prayer letters). For a team to come alongside them, help them in their work and encourage them is great. 

  • Encouragement for national amazing to know people from miles and miles away came to your country, to help your people, to pray for your people, people that they don't know and have never met before.

  • For the change in people's lives when they return home, that person may decide to support a project or a missionary long term, maybe they will be better with their money and time and give more. They will be motivated and better equipped to pray more, to share with their family & friends who in turn may do the same thing. 

  • God often uses short term missions to call people into long term missions. 

  • Money doesn't solve all the problems or do all the work........sometimes it takes people and sometimes its takes people who are only there for two weeks. 


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