Saturday, 13 April 2019

Should I stay or should I go now?

Well its been a while. Sorry about that!  Anyone who has 3 kids in 4 years will understand that any free time is non existent and by the time the boys are all in bed well, lets just say I'm not too far behind them.

When we first came to Haiti in 2016 we committed to two years, then we stayed for another one and these past months all we have talked about and prayed about and talked about some more is what we were going to do next.

We searched for jobs for Bill, emailed pastors and bible colleges and we found nothing.  People often say a closed door is as good as an open door.  we kept praying, talking and looking.  Then at the beginning of March Emmaus asked Bill if he would stay on and take on the job of the registrar as well as continuing to do a little teaching.

We took a few weeks to pray and think and pray and we really felt peace about the decision to stay in Haiti and committed to two more years.

There are going to be changes at Bethesda too which led into our decision to stay but more on that coming next week (or maybe next month by the time I get round to writing about it!).

This was not an easy decision to come to,  with adopting Jacob, moving the boys 3 times in about 8 months this last year has been a lot and I was really looking forward to going home, for life just to be a bit easier.  Adding on an extra baby and yet continuing to do all the things I was already doing has been exhausting and at times overwhelming. 

But God never told us life would be easy instead he promised he would be with us, he promised he would strengthen us, he promised he would give us peace and he has given us all of that and that is where we are trusting for this next two years.

Our plans are to come home in June for a time of rest for about 6 weeks. We are thanking the Lord we already have a place to stay and are just in need of car for about 4 weeks in June.

We will then travel to Canada to speak in some churches and follow up in the places Dr Rodney spoke at last February in order to find more support for Bethesda.  We will return to Haiti on 6th August for another school year.

We are so thankful we serve a God who is in control, who goes ahead of us and in whom we can trust.

As always we appreciate your continued prayers,  we know many of you pray for us everyday and during those overwhelming times that is what holds us up.


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