Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Junior's story

I have been talking about Junior alot on my blog and been asking you to pray for him. I just found out a guy (He is a pastor) who was in Port with us the week I was there is coming back at the end of this month with 3 other guys to help Junior train up leaders which is great. It will be a great encouragment and help to Junior. Here is a link to a video and Junior's full story ( I just wrote a wee bit of his story on my blog before)

Yesterday I was out in Milot again, I hadn't been for 2 weeks cos. It was very good to be back. They are really starting to discharge people, when I was there 2 weeks ago there was around 250 patients, now there are just 167 which is still alot but it seems empty compared to what there has been. And there are alot of people leaving Saturday. Nearly everyone I talk to is going back to Port, with no home to go to....please keep praying for the people. Also pray for the Government, for wisdom to use the money Haiti has been given to rebuild it. When I got back to Milot and I had said I had been in Port, everyone wanted to know how was Port-au-Prince..how did it look? To me much of it looked the same and the patients were really dissapointed. With so much money being donated the country needs wisdom on where and how to spend it.

Port au Prince, Haiti

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