Thursday, 1 September 2016


EBS classes started back on 22nd August with the first round of intensives from visiting professors.  An intensive course usually lasts for two weeks with class from 8 - 12 everyday.  Bill taught one of these courses in 2013 and his students are now in 4th year.  He was surprised to see that his students remembered him.

Here is our first round of intensives....

This Saturday four more VP's join us for the next two weeks of intensives.  Then on 19th September residential courses will begin and  Bill will start teaching (he had initially thought he would be teaching an intensive).  This semester he will be teaching three courses, systematic theology, OT wisdom literature and the general epistles.  His days are spent in his office preparing and continuing with language.  Bill's Creole teacher has challenged him to write his power point slides for class in Creole which seems to be going well. He is really looking forward to starting teaching.

The latest edition to our house is a wee cat which Sam has decided to call 'bello bello' . Sam loves bello (a bit too much) he loves playing with him and carrying  him around and poor wee bello bello has been very patient!!

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