Friday, 12 May 2017

First year done

Last week was final exams for our students and now semester 2 is over and Bill has finished his first year teaching.  This past month here at EBS has been very busy.  Dr Jocye Thorton was here the first week in April teaching a masters class.

Then a couple of weeks ago we had Dr Ray Easley for faculty training.  He did 3 afternoon sessions on writing a syllabus, creating learning objectives, best practices of teaching, learning styles and lots more.  Bill thought it was the best thing ever and now is disappointed he can't start putting it into practice until August!

Then there was  Emmaus 50th  Anniversary talent show.  They had a few people singing, one even with a live band, but it was ti Esther who stole the show with her incredible voice at only 10 years

Last week we had the last chapel service of the school year which was a special service for the 4th years, who are about to graduate.  The 4th years spoke of how they found community, support, counsel, good teaching and much more.  One student said ' I know we work, but we can work harder.  We can work harder in our classes and more faithful in our ministries.'

Saturday was the final event in the celebration of the 50th.  There was a huge thanksgiving service in the Vaudrieul church.  I had to stay home with Joel who wasn't well, but Bill was there...... for all 4 1/2 hours of it!  There was many singing groups, speakers, past students, former staff and the founder, Dave Graffenberger all sharing.  It really was a celebration of what God has done over the last 50 years at EBS and a chance to also look forward to what God is going to do for the next 50 years.

Classes are finished for the year, Bill has finished marking his final exams and this week was busy!  Wednesday was the graduation banquet, where the graduates and two guests of their choice come together along with EBS staff for a celebratory dinner.  Graduating in Haiti is a big deal.  There are not many people who finish high school let alone go on to graduate from university.

This morning was graduation. We had 13 students finish their time at Emmaus and graduate.  Graduation was held in Pillatre church about 10 minutes away as our chapel building is too small for all the guests.  The service consisted of speeches, special music, worship lead by EBS students, a special prayer for the graduates, a sermon from a former academic dean and a speech from the valedictorian. Afterwards there was a reception at the EBS campus.

Its exciting to see the potential in these men and women and we pray that will continue to use them to build his kingdom in Haiti.

Meanwhile as all this has been going Phil and his team have been faithfully working on a new outdoor space for graduation and other events. Unfortunately it was not ready in time for this year's graduation as we have had a lot of rain since, well since November really!  But so far it looks great.

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