Sunday, 17 February 2019

Ayiti Cherie... Haiti dear

I am sure all you are seeing and reading of Haiti this week is rioting, protests, violence, anger and frustration.  Yes those things are happening but they are not the only thing that is happening in Haiti right now. Let me show you a different side to Haiti.

 Life here in the north was resuming to somewhat normal with more public transport than we have seen in a couple of weeks, friends going to the market in Cap Haitian and reports that protests were on hold for the weekend to give people a chance to get out and stock up on food and other supplies.

The boys and Bill had not left the Emmaus campus for almost two weeks so with things a little calmer it was time to get them out somewhere...anywhere!

We drove two miles down the road with our neighbours and took a water taxi to Amiga island....a deserted island with a beautiful beach and it was exactly what we all needed.  The boys spent all day in the ocean and playing in the sand, we explored the island and brought a picnic lunch.  I must admit it felt like a really strange thing to do in the middle of everything that is going on but it was good.

And just beautiful is Haiti.  Haiti has so much potential, it has beautiful beaches, places to snorkel, mountains for hiking, forts, colonial cities, vibrant culture and beautiful people.  So much potential and so little opportunity.

Today we walked down the road to church where Bill was preaching and it was both encouraging and refreshing.  After all the negative we have heard for the past ten day days, the photos we have seen of riots and road blocks, the videos of people making petrol bombs, setting cars on fire and more.  It was so refreshing to go to church and see the people of  God coming together to worship.  And worship they did!

It was also encouraging to see our brothers and sisters in Christ throwing their arms in the air and worshiping God for who he is and what he has done for them.  How easy it would be to sit in a church service in Haiti this morning and question God.  But that is not what we saw today.  We saw a people grateful for an opportunity to come together and praise their Lord despite the daily suffering they experience.

The problems are all still there, there is still no fuel here in the North, food is still way to expensive, schools and businesses are still closed and life is still way way too hard for everyone.  But a chance to step back, take some rest and worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters helps us remember the other side of Haiti and gives us hope for Haiti.

These past ten days of riots are a result of years and years and years of suffering that the Haitian people have endured.  The president addressed the nation on Thursday, last night the prime minister spoke and we are praying these changes that will be implemented will spark a change that will make Haiti different for the next generation.

We don't know what this next week holds so we continue to pray for Haiti and her people.  Praying for the protests to stop, praying for wisdom for government,  for fuel, food and water supplies to get to those who need them, for schools and businesses to open and for the voice of the church to be loud proclaiming love and peace and joy in the middle of chaos. 


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