Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Prayer and podcasts

Every month we have a half day of prayer for Bethesda and August day is coming up tomorrow.  With moving being such a big project which almost feels impossible at times, we need to make sure we are praying and asking and thanking God.  A few months ago just after Covid hit Haiti it became apparent we had so much to pray for that we began putting together monthly prayer guides in order to help people to pray more specifically.  It’s been good to look back over these and see how God has answered.  

If you are able please join us in praying tomorrow, we are encouraging people to sign up for a 30 minute slot so we can get the whole day covered. You can sign up here

One of Bethesda’s partners, Mercy Inc has just started a new radio show in Oregon which is now also on podcast.  The last few episodes have been focussed on the work of Bethesda.  They have interviewed Dave, our OMS field leader who is also on the BMC board and the past two episodes Barry (our board chair) and me!  It all seems a bit crazy that I was on the radio in Oregon and now on a podcast! 

So if you want to have a listen you can do so on their website www.mercytoday.global 

Or search for MercyToday wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Happy listening!! 

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