Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Think about it....


From 1-30th June you can join us as we travel virtually  around the perimeter of Haiti,  moving however you like to move which could be walking, cycling, swimming, running, I mean the possibilities are endless really!  

The journey around Haiti is 1323 miles and of course we don't expect you to do that whole journey on your own.  You can set your own goal and we will collectively 'move' around Haiti.  Or you can get a team together, this could be your own family, or small group or anyone really, then set a collective goal. 

We are using a great platform called Race Roster where you can register and keep track of your miles.  Once you have registered with Race Roster you will be able to create your personal fundraising page which you can share with friends and family to sponsor you. 

The event will take place from 1-30th June and throughout the month of June you can post pictures and we will take you on the journey around Haiti through the facebook group.  You will get to see more about Haiti, learn a bit of the culture and maybe even pick up some Creole along the way.  

I would love you to get involved. 

I know that I ask a lot of you (whoever you are, I really have no idea who reads this).  I ask for your prayers, your money,  for goodness sake, I have even asked you to come and live beside us in Haiti! 

But if you take part in Move for the Move don't think about doing it for me. 

Think about doing it for Yvelinda, who comes for physiotherapy because she has cerebral palsy. 

Think about doing it for the twins, whose lives were saved (if you haven't read the story you can read it here) by coming to Bethesda and who still come for formula and food. 

Think about doing it for Christine* (not her real name) who was close to death when she first came in 2019.  After completing her treatment for TB she now attends our HIV clinic and is doing great! Read her story.

Think about doing it for Nurse Ketlye who desperately needs a new consultation room which is clean, up to date and fit for purpose. 

Think about doing it for the new moms who often don't even have a place to sit with their babies when they bring them to well baby day for check ups and vaccines because of the lack of space.  In a new Bethesda we will be building a women's center where these moms and caregivers can come with their babies. 

Think about doing it for our director, Dr Rodney, who left a job and a life in the Dominican Republic to come back to Haiti to serve his own people.  Whose vision has always been to have a clinic where the care and facilities are the best for the people of Haiti. 

We have an opportunity to do just that, but we can't do it alone, we need your help.  

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