Sunday, 10 January 2010


I arrived safely on Friday night in Greenwood, Indiana for cross training after leaving home at 5.30am!! I thought it was super cold and snowy at home until I got here!!Its currently -15C and there is lots of snow, its nice to look at but not so nice to be outside in. Cross Training officially starts on Monday morning and will last 3 weeks. So far Ive just been meeting some of the people who work for OMS mostly former missionaries, doing a little bit of shopping and settling in really.


  1. Hey Briggs, thought I would check in with you after hearing the news about the earthquake. Terrible news but am glad to see you are doing some training and haven't made it to Haiti. Glad then you are hopefully safe and well? We will be thinking of you and praying for you, especially going in such difficult circumstances! Darren (Sharyn & Noah)

  2. Hey Julie, I'm a friend of your mums and have just heard about the earthquake in Haiti. Its a terrible situation for the people of Haiti, but I'm releived that your doing some training at the mo and haven't reached reached there yet. God Bless
    Denise Smylie



 One of the things I was able to do on during my time at home in Northern Ireland during covid was some more training, specifically in paedi...