Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Safe arrival

I love getting the plane into breaks all airport rules!So you arrive to check in and you hand the guy your passport. Then he takes your bag weighs it, no questions like 'did you pack your bag yourself?' ' Do you have anything sharp or dangerous which could be used as a weapon? etc you know the noramal questions, then you stand on the scale with your hand luggage step off and go and sit down. The guy still has your passport, he calls you out about half an hour later to give it back, thats it he doesnt say anything.
My flight was supposed to leave at 11.15 and we were still sitting infront of the desk at 11.45 and then the guy  in charge syas flight to haiti follow me. He takes us to a back door and we have to line up with the biggest people at the front down to the smallest and we walk out the door onto the plane. No questions, no security ,no getting searched its great!!

Actually this plane was really nice there were about 30 seats (a bit bigger than the normal 14), we had a flight attendant (never had that on a plane to haiti), a safety announcment ( also a first), there was a toilet on board and  then I couldn't believe we got a bottle of water each. After a while I almost forgot I was on a flight to Haiti, it was feeling so normal. Then we stopped in the Bahamas for fuel and the lady said ' You can use the bathroom but please go two at a time, if everyone walks down the back of the plane it will tip over'....then I remembered I was on the plane to Haiti!!

So I arrived safely with no problems (apart from a fact that the plane could tip!!), and got to the compound about 4ish. Its lovely and hot and has been great to see everyone. I have a little family who Im very close to and the youngest wee boy is 2 and he came running towards me with his arms out saying auntie Julie....that was very cute. Although after half an hour I was filthy, sweaty and had about 10 mosquito bites......welcome to life in Haiti!!

Tomorrow morning I will go down to Port-au-Prince with a team that just arrived today mostly of nurses, were going to be running a clinic somewhere close to the OMS villa. So I would appreciate your prayers for that, first for the journey down it will be 10 hours in the back of a truck which I am not looking forward to. Then just how to deal with the devstation Im going to be seeing. Then just for the clinic itself, that we will see lots of people and be able to help them both physically and spiritually. The clinics that have been going on have been seeing a huge number of people becoming christains which is great. Thank you for your prayers, I'll be back up in Cap next friday so I'll update you then.

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  1. Hey Julie! Can't believe you're there already, I'm unbelievably jealous!! I'll be praying for you all, especially for the trip to the port. Tell everyone I said hi!
    God Bless
    Laura xox



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