Monday, 1 March 2010


One of the taxing things about being a missionary in Haiti is that one of the only places to get away from the compound, from living behind the wall is to go to the beach!!I am definately not complaining about that!On Saturday a few of us had a lovely day at the beach, when your there you almost forget your in Haiti. At the beach you cannot see the poverty, you cannot see the hurt people have, you cannot see how difficult life is. You just see the beauty of God's creation and enjoy it. Haiti really is a beautiful country.

Funny story actually, In Haiti as a white person obviously you stand out. And if you walk anywhere or drive anywhere you will always get shouted at 'blanc' (white person) especially by the kids. Well yesterday we were driving home from the beach and a tap tap full of Haitians drove past and the next thing they were taking photos of us!Normally you get a truck full of 'blancs' trying to take photos of Haitians in tap tap yet here they were taking photos of the blancs riding in the back of a truck. It was funny.

A tap tap
Last week in the clinic, this wee girl, she must have been about 3 just, waved over at me very excitedly, I thought maybe I knew her but couldn't see properly without my glasses the next thing I knew she came over. I didn't know her so I said hello, how are you?She said hello then stroked my face and ran away giggling. Turns out she was just excited at seeing a white person and I am whiter than your average white person!!

Then tonight in church  two wee girls came and sat beside me, after a wee while one of them poked me and said about her friend she said she loves you!(Im thinking to myself Ive only just met you) so I said do you know my name, no she said. So we exchanged names and then she wanted to know where I lived, that was it but she still loved me!!

Some photo's from the beach.(not to make you jealous!!)

Cap Haitian


  1. Wow! Beautiful pics! That is too funny about the Haitians taking pictures of you! How are things going, my frined?

  2. Blanc is a derogatory word for whites and is used to mark them for assault or worse, as told by people who know supposedly.

  3. Blanc is not a derogatory term for whites, nor is it to mark them for assault. It is a term applied to anyone who is a foreigner, regardless of race, sex, gender, or ethnicity.

  4. Blanc is not derogatory.


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