Thursday, 13 May 2010

Oh Canada

I just spent the last 2 weeks in Toronto, Canada. Firstly to go to Amy and Evan's wedding. for those of you who don't know Amy was the girl I lived with the last time I was in Haiti and she has become a very good friend. She is from a small town outside of Toronto. While she was in Haiti we had a doctor, Evan from Northern Ireland come to work in the clinic for about 4 weeks. They kept in touch after Evan went home then Amy came over for a wee visit and as they say the rest is history!!They got married last Saturday 8th May, the wedding was lovely and lots of references to Haiti and how they met there.

  My mum&dad also flew out to meet me here so I spent the last two weeks with them which was great. We did lots of sightseeing, went downtown Toronto did the bus tour, some shopping, visited a few wee towns, met up with some friends I have in Toronto and went to Niagra was unbelievable!!I am just travelling back to Haiti over the next two days. I am looking forward to getting back especially to some sunshine and has been way too cold here!!!

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