Monday, 14 June 2010


I have a few specific things I would love you to remember in your prayers. It seems like everyone I meet and talk to recently, life is just getting more difficult.

The first person I would like you to pray for is Ashkala and her mum. I talked about her before. Her mum really needs prayers for strength, the kind of supernatural strength only the Lord can provide. Incase you don't know this lady (I'm bad with Haitian names and cannot remember!!) misscarried 4 babies, her 5th was born normal, Ashkala and at 2 and a half year she had a big seizure and has been left unable to walk, talk or basically do anything by herself. She is still very ill and is continutally having mini seizures everyday. I met her in the street on friday and she just asked me to pray for her. So many people ask for money, ask for food but she never does, the only thing she ever asks is for prayer. She told me if it wasn't for God she would already be dead, it is only by God's grace that she is able to live. Her husband is really ill and she thinks he will die very soon. She is also thinking about putting Ashkala into an orphange where she thinks she will be better looked after and they can maybe fine her more medical help. Her words to me where, I am still her mother and she is still my daughter and I love her but I cannot do anything more for her, I need to find some help from somewhere. please continue to lift her and her family up in prayer.

The next lady is a lady who came to see me to ask for help for her kids, she is just 40 and(again I cannot remember her name) she has 5 kids, 3 from her husband then he died, then she lived with another man and she had 2 children with him. Ten years ago she had to get a hip replacment I am not too sure why and then 2 years ago she started to feel pain in her hip and has been walking with a walking stick and unable to work. The father of the youngest 2 kids told her he was leaving because she is like an old lady and he was going to find someone younger. Now she is on her own with five children, unable to work and in alot of pain in her hip. I have sent her for an X ray to see if we can find out what is wrong with her hip, if we can sort that out then maybe she can find some work to support her family.

The last person is called Berloca, sorry this is a bit of a story of how I meet him and what is going on....
 On friday I went out with the team to a place called Balon, they were giving out solar radio's and I went along to translate for a wee group. Our team was with the Pastor and on our way back to the wee church the pastor stopped in with someone who was sick to pray with them, I saw him lying on the floor, the pastor told me (word for word translated) 'he is sick in his legs' so I thought maybe I could help him being a physio. I went in and they told me he fell out of a tree and is paralysed. Then they took a sheet of his back and he has this huge pressure sore on his back.  I talked to them for a wee while to get the story they had gone to the hospital in town and were told they cannot do anything, they need to take him to the Dominican and sent him home. He has been at home lying on a cement floor, no mattress, nothing soft just a couple of sheets. So the pressure sore developed. I honestly have never see anything as bad in my life, there are 4 grades and his is grade 4. He also had a small on on his knee and one on his foot.

He was in my head all weekend, I was thinking I cannot see him then not do anything. But I had no idea what I could do, I do not have the money to look after him or even begin to send him to the DR. On Sunday I took Vedane (my friend) to go and visit her family and I had no idea where we were going on the way, I asked her and she said 'Balon', I couldn't really believe it, I had never been there before Friday. So I went to see him again and told his family we would take him to Milot with us monday, that I cannot promise they can help him but we can try. This morning, it was pretty crazy, it took 3 guys to lift him put him in the back of the car lying down on his tummy because he cannot lie on his back because of the sore, while the whole community is watching. We arrived at Milot and of course a crowd of people gathered round to watch them try lift him out of the car into the hospital. I spent the whole day with the family and trying to figure out what they will do and how much things are going to cost.

They gave him some antibiotics and tomorrow they are going to do a debridment, basically remove all the dead tissue. After that I am not sure what will happen next. He really needs an operation with a skin flap, Im not sure if they can do that in Milot.
Please pray we can find a way to help him. If they can get the sore better and we can educate his family he can have a good quailty of life as a paraplegic. It just amazes me how God puts me in places where he needs me and where he can use me. I went to Balon first because someone asked me, then I was put in the group with the Pastor, then I had agreed to take Vedane to her visit her family about 2 weeks ago I said we would go on Sunday and I had no idea where we were going.
Things like that do not happen by chance, God plans things in advance and his timing is perfect.

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