Saturday, 3 October 2015

Emmaus Biblical Seminary

I thought I would tell you a bit more about where Bill is going to be working. EBS started as a vocation bible school in 1967 and since then has grown into a seminary seeking to teach God's word. 

The mission statement of EBS is 
'Emmaus Biblical Seminary exists to reproduce Christ-like leaders equipped for effective ministry and committed to the transformation of Haiti and the world.The primary purpose of Emmaus Biblical Seminary is to train pastors, teachers, professors, church planters, missionaries, and other Christian leaders for the Emmaus Fellowship of Churches, Haiti, the Caribbean, and the world through undergraduate and graduate-level theological education and leadership development.'

Emmaus currently has around 70 students studying either a 3 year diploma or a 4 year degree. Many of these men and women are already in full time ministry pastoring a church, evangelism,  or church planting. The academic year runs very similar to the states. Semester 1 runs from mid August - December. Semester 2 runs from January to May. At the beginning of both semesters the students have intensive course. This is when a visiting teacher comes from the USA, Canada or the UK to teach a full 2 week course. Bill was teaching one of these courses (Introduction to the New Testament) in August 2013. 

Most of the students who study at EBS live on campus and return back to their churches and family each weekend. The cost for one student to study at EBS is $500 - $600 (US) per year which does not include room and board. Students must pay 20% of this cost and the remaining 80% is covered by student sponsorship and donations to EBS. There is a work - study program to cover the cost of room and board. 

A typical day for Bill will be teaching from 8-12, then lunch with the students. The afternoons will be spent preparing, marking and helping students. On Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's the students and staff have chapel ( basically a church meeting) and Bill will be involved in preaching regularly in chapel.

If you want to know any more or keep up to date with EBS check out their blog

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