Wednesday, 25 May 2016


 We leave for Haiti on 7th June, which is just 2 weeks away. We are feeling scared, excited, nervous and eager all at the same time. We have spent the last month packing, painting and sorting out our stuff.

Suitcase city in our back room!

As it gets closer to going people are asking us lots of questions more about what everyday life so I thought I would answer a few of them.

The walls are looking bare as the pictures come down!

Where will you live?

We will be living on the seminary compound this is a different compound to where I lived before. The compound is in a small village called Saccanville. There are 3 houses on the compound and 3 families (including us) we will be living in the ti kay (the wee house) which has two bedrooms.
Our house 

Will you have electricity?
Thankfully at EBS we have 24 hour electricity.

Can you drink the water?
Yes!All the tap water on the compound is ok to drink 

Will you have air conditioning?
Bill wishes!The library has air conditioning so if Bill goes missing I think I will know where to find him. The only other way to cool down is what Hannah and I called 'freezer time'. It is exactly what it says open the freezer and put your head in for a while to cool down!!

How hot will it be?
Extremely!!From March it starts to really warm up and it probably between 30 - 40 Celsius, it will cool down (its all relative!) from around November where it be around 20 -30 Celsius.

What will you eat?
Everything has to be cooked from scratch, so we can eat whatever I make. We will probably eat a lot of rice, pasta, pizza, etc.  Things we can't get which we will miss are heinz tomato sauce, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, apples, cheese (you can buy but it is expensive), cereal, apple juice, biscuits, sweets, good chocolate, crisps, sweet potatoes, bread ( I will have to make ours!!) chicken breasts...... you get the idea!!

What creepy crawlies are there?
There are snakes, rats, cockroaches and tarantula's. Thankfully I have never seen a snake or tarantula and I hope that continues!

What will you be doing the whole summer before seminary starts in August?
Bill will be spending the summer learning Creole and French and preparing for his classes which he will teach. I will be mostly looking after the boys and getting them settled in. My dad will be with us for the first two weeks and my sister will be out visiting in July so we will be showing them the sights and introducing them to our friends. Once the boys are well settled and I find someone to look after them I will start doing some work in the clinic.

Is it dangerous for your kids?
Not at all, we are free to take the boys out into the community, to the pool, the beach and into town. Both boys have had the vaccines they can get here. Our compound has a big wall round it and has 24 hour security. Sam will love being able to play outside everyday and go and look for spiders and I am sure Joel will enjoy the same thing when he is big enough!

Are there other kids on the compound?
Yes, Matt & Stacey live next door and they have 3 girls who are under 7. Phil & Emily live in the other house and they have two teenage kids.

Feel free to ask us anything else!!

Please pray for us as we pack up and prepare to leave in just under two weeks. We have our house rented out and the next thing we need to do is sell our car. Pray for our families as we leave, I know my family will especially miss Sam & Joel.


  1. That is so exciting! I didn't realize your family was moving there this summer already. Prayers for your transition! We loved living in the ti-kay and it's already quite clear that you have the BEST neighbors. <3

  2. We ARE praying and just can't WAIT to have your family! LOTS of prayers...

  3. I'm friends with Stacey (and Cheyenne) so I'm so glad you will be living at EBS. I think Nora will love having another baby around!!



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