Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Settling in

We have been here for a week and have been doing well and trying to get used to the heat (if that is possible!!!)

Our house from the front

and from the back!

 Joel has been doing great, just his usual happy self eating and sleeping. He adjusted well to the time change and the heat. He is always red and sweaty but it doesn't seem to bother him to much........although he does spend a lot of time in the sink or a wee paddling pool trying to cool down!!

Sam has been doing well, he loves playing with Lily and Sofie who live next door. I just went to get him and he is running about wearing a hairband!!Not sure what his daddy will think about that! He has been really tired from travelling, staying up too late before we left and adjusting to the time change. On Friday evening Sam was asleep by 7.30 pm and slept until 5am, then back to sleep on & off until 3pm in the afternoon.  He is adjusting to life here but is a bit shy when people talk to him. We have been mostly staying on the compound for him to get used to our house first before we go too many places and introduce him to too many people.

He loves Lily....he must ask 'Where's Lily?' at least 30 times a day!

Dad has been a good help at home doing all the washing and dishes..   ..Bill is getting off lightly doing the dishes it is usually his job!!Dad and Bill painted the kitchen yesterday from a bright orange to a nice green colour.


Bill has been getting his office ready, painting and today he is at the workshop building a rack for our shoes. He even found apple juice and root beer which he can't even usually get in Northern Ireland, so he is happy about that. He will start language study and preparation for teaching after my dad leaves on Tuesday.


I have been organising our house, getting food to buy, baking bread & rolls, pasteurising milk, making BBQ sauce, banana muffins and more!!A lot of things that we can't buy we have to make from scratch which I enjoy but its hard when its so hot. Its 3 showers a day weather at the minute.

Here are a few pictures of the compound.

The solar panels have just recently been installed, they are saving the seminary a lot of money.

Today we are going to go into Cap Haitian and show dad around. 

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