Saturday, 15 April 2017


On Friday we left home at 6.45am along with a group of  friends and headed out into the countryside to go to the waterfalls.  After about an hour and a half in the car the 'road' stopped and we couldn't drive any further so we started walking.

One of the things I really miss about home is going for walks, there are no public parks or forests to walk in here.  Anytime we are out walking anywhere it is perfectly normal and acceptable for people to stare and yell 'blanc' especially when we have our blond haired, blued eyed boys with us.  

Anyway we were walking out into the countryside, passing a couple of people along the way but generally there was no staring and no being shouted at.  We were just going for a nice family walk!!

After about an hour we arrived at a beautiful waterfall. The boys loved playing in the rocks and the water.  Bill and I climbed up the rocks to see the various waterfalls, I think there was a total of about 12. We were pretty wiped out when we got home!!

This morning Bill and I headed off for another walk, this time up a mountain!! A friend invited us to go and see his land where he is growing corn, sugar cane and peas.  I didn't quite realise it was so high up the mountain!

It was so interesting to see the little path he takes to go up everyday to work and to see how much land that he has and how much potential the land has.  

The views were amazing and we could even see the seminary from where we were. 

It was great to get out, away from work and explore a little. Afterwards part of me is frustrated with Haiti when we do these sorts of things.  There is just so much potential,  if only there was infrastructure (among other things)  Haiti could be an extremely popular tourist destination.  It has beaches, swimming pools, mountains, sunshine, waterfalls, beautiful countryside and rich culture.  I think a lot of people would love to come here if only they knew what Haiti had to offer.

Well, the infrastructure is not here (yet!) but now you know what Haiti has to offer, why not come and we will show you around......

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