Thursday, 22 June 2017

Back in NI!

I've been trying to finish this post for the last 3 weeks!!We arrived back in Northern Ireland on 31st May and it feels like we haven't sat down since we got here!(hence no update!!).  The boys were great travelling and Sam especially has had a great time seeing his cousins and friends.  We been speaking in church services and prayer meetings and seeing family and friends and eating some really good food that we can't get in Haiti!!

Layover in Iceland...teddy is a world traveller!

We have been really encouraged at the number of people who have been praying for us over the last year.  One Thursday night we shared at an OMS prayer group.  I am not sure how long the group has been meeting but I am sure it is more than 30 years,  There were about 20 people with the oldest member being 96!!  These people are so faithful in praying not only for us but the other OMS missionaries and I am sure many many other people.  It is so encouraging for us to go to these OMS prayer groups and to see how they know the people in Haiti which we work with, how they are interested in the lives of the boys and how they are so committed to praying for us, as some of the members told us, everyday.

We will be here until 11th July then head over to Canada for another round of meetings and some family time.  We have two new nephews to meet and a big Edler family reunion to look forward to aswell.

Thank you for your continued prayers, tomorrow is our big fundraiser, a family fun day to raise funds for both Emmaus Biblical Seminary and Bethesda Medical Center.

It's all too  much for Joel at times!!

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