Sunday, 4 March 2018

What a difference a week makes

Last weekend the boys were doing this...

This weekend they were doing this...

The boys and I left Haiti on Thursday at lunch time and arrived at grandma and grandpas house on Saturday at dinner time.  I have to say the boys were so good the whole journey.  Poor Joel woke up on Friday morning in the hotel in Miami with vomiting and diarrhoea.  Poor me had to try and clean it off his jammies and blanket with soap and water!! At this point I was not looking forward to the rest of the day.  But thankfully he spent most of the day sleeping off whatever had been affecting him that morning (I think it was the KFC from the night before) which is really quite useful when travelling.  Sam was a wee star the whole journey, he carried his backpack, he held doors open for me and when I wheeled the suitcase he wheeled the buggy.

These boys are serious travellers

I really want to thank everyone who prayed us through those 3 days, travelling with two little boys is no easy task but God answered prayers and it really turned out to be a very smooth journey.

We stayed the night at Bill's brothers house in Calgary on Friday night and by Saturday morning Sam could not wait any longer to get out in the snow. Thankfully grandma had sent all the snow clothes so the boys got all the gear on and headed outside.  Literally 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door, Sam was cold and needed to come inside to warm up.

Joel is a real mummy's boy and is very like his mummy in every way.
 This is pretty much how his mummy feels about being cold too!

We then left Bill to the airport to head back to Haiti for the Masters in Education class in which he is a student and therefore can't miss any classes.  He will spend a week in Haiti and fly back to Canada next weekend where we will finally be in the same country for a while.  It's taking me back to the time before we got married and we were living in different countries.

We arrived at the farm and finally got to meet baby Jacob.  The boys and I will spend the next week or so here at the farm with Bill's parents getting to know baby Jacob and him getting to know us.

This morning we went to church and it was great. I'll be honest I find going to church in Haiti very draining.  It is culturally very different to church at home.  On top of that it's usually very hot and loud and I spend 90% of the time trying to keep Sam & Joel quiet and still while they both fight over who is going to sit on mummy's knee. But this morning, we got to sing in English, worship songs that I knew and it was wonderful.  Sam got to go to Sunday school and actually got to learn a bible story and he loved it.  And I sat listening to the sermon, understanding every word it felt like a big blessing to be there.

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