Monday, 11 June 2018

Its official

We were a little disappointed after not hearing anything regarding Jacobs adoption last month but today we got a phone call from the court clerk saying the adoption order was granted today!  The judge was in court for a trial and got a chance to read over our papers.  We are so thankful Jacob is now legally part of our family.  Its been kind of a strange situation to be in, to be caring for this beautiful little baby but not 100% knowing if he will actually be yours and wondering when that will happen.

I felt more relief than anything which I wasn't expecting actually.  But we are all, the boys included delighted that Jacob has joined our family forever. 

Over the past few months we have got to know Jacob better and better, he is very sociable and loves to be talked to and smiles at everyone.  He loves to eat and sleep and laugh! But his absolute favourite thing in the world is Sam, no one can make him laugh the way Sam does. 

There were so many unknowns coming into this year, would we adopt Jacob, how could we leave Haiti for a few months, how would we afford it, how would we go from summer to Canadian winter...etc

But God knew and he had it under control and here we are just a few months later with the process complete.  We are so thankful to all who have prayed for us and those who have continued to support us.

When it became apparent adoption was Jacobs only option and we were told we had two weeks to get to Canada we started to talk about the practical details and I shared at prayer meeting and said ‘It almost seems impossible.’  To which one of the other missionaries responded ‘Nothing is impossible with God.’ 

How right he was. 


  1. So happy this worked out for you and your family!

  2. So awesome! So exciting! Now you have three boys and they look like they have bonded well! Thank you Lord for bringing Jacob into this family! We are praying for you all! God bless!
    Love and prayers from,
    Justin, Nashly and Peter



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