Saturday, 21 July 2018

We made it

With no big delays, no lost suitcases and absolutely no questions at immigration we arrived!The boys were great travelling, all three of them slept on the 9 hour flight and only Sam was awake for the second flight.

Today started with sleeping in, I woke all the boys up at 11am this morning.  Most people tell me that jet lag makes their kids wake up in the middle of the night but in our experience it just makes the boys more tired which works out pretty well actually!

The rest of the day has been unpacking and seeing family.  By far wee Jack is the most excited to have us home.  He was crying seeing Sam and Joel at the airport and had us all crying!

The boys are off to bed at a more normal time tonight and Bill & I won't be too far behind them! We are looking forward to going to our own church tomorrow and between the dentist, doctor and optician this week is full of appointments and catching up with more friends.

Thank you for your prayers, God answered and brought us here safely and smoothly.

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