Thursday, 14 February 2019

At a standstill

Its been almost a week since I last updated and unfortunately there is not much change. I went to Bethesda on Monday for a couple of hours, where we had around 30 patients for general consultation which is a lot less than our usual 120 - 150 on a Monday morning.  Today Dr Rodney told me not to come, there were very few patients there and we do not know when a road block might go up.

Emmaus was having classes up until this morning but now classes are cancelled until further notice.

We are waiting and waiting for this these protests to stop, for the president to say something or do something.  People are calling this 'payi lock' which literally means a locked country. 
Haiti truly needs your prayers at this time.

This is the Emmaus update from yesterday...
President Jovenel Moise's announcement last week that Haiti is in a state of true economic emergency was no surprise to anyone.  For the last several months, food prices have been rising almost daily, fuel has been becoming more and more scarce and more and more expensive when found, and the value of the Haitian currency has been decreasing at an alarming speed.  For over a week now, all elementary schools, most businesses, banks and gas stations have been closed. Protests, barricades and general desperation and frustration abound, making travel difficult and often dangerous. 

  The day is dark and uncertain indeed. The country is at a stand-still, seemingly locked in a bad place. 

What does all this mean for Emmaus?

We are still having classes this week. 

Those who are on campus or who can come are coming, those who cannot are not.  What we can do we are doing. What fuel we have we are using, what food we have we are cooking, what classes we can we are holding.  We do not know what the future holds.  THANK YOU for your support of Emmaus, which has enabled us to have these things that are suddenly of great value, food and fuel and help for our staff and students and community.

We are waiting on the Lord.

Any or all of this without the Lord would be entirely hopeless, completely discouraging and render despair.  But NONE of this is without the Lord, and there is nothing He cannot do.  What a joy to see our staff and students continue to wait upon the Lord with heavy hearts, trusting Him.

We are fervently asking for your prayers.

In a situation that seems to have no solutions, we are depending upon The Answer to answer the mighty prayers of many.  We need prayers for peace, prayers for help, prayers for the leaders, prayers for the people, prayers for solutions, prayers for movement, prayers for Haiti. 

We are lights in great darkness.

As Emmaus--a group of His children far more than a place--continues to come and go and live throughout Haiti, the need for courageous Christian community leaders abounds.  The need for a shining light in oppressive darkness is great. And that is exactly what Emmaus it.  Pray for each person who is boldly living out His Light in a dark land, in a dark time.  

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5

Amen. May it be.  

Thank you for being a praying, giving, going part of developing Christ-like leaders for Haiti, for such a time as this.

Stacey Ayars, for the Emmaus family

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