Thursday, 28 February 2019

Back to normal?

Sorry I've been slow on the updates its because I've been back at work since last Thursday and the boys are back to school and were all back to busy!  This week things here in Cap Haitian have returned to normal.  Schools were back on Monday, businesses and petrol stations have been open, full of fuel and hundreds of motorbikes!

We are so thankful that things have calmed down, the protests have stopped and life is back to normal.  But we would ask that you continue to to pray for Haiti.  These past weeks of shut down have affected everyone,  from the lady selling some rice and oil from her home to the big hotel owners.  The price of food has gone up and stayed up.  The price of public transport has risen.  And life is still just really difficult.  So even though things are back to normal...normal is not really great.

Believe it or not this is 'normal'.  A 4 way junction, no stop signs, no traffic lights
 just force your way and hope no one hits you or you don't hit anyone else!

Yes we are praising God for many answered prayers for Haiti over this past month and we are so thankful that fuel has arrived, protests have stopped and school is back for Haiti's children. But it doesn't stop at that, the people of Haiti have endured years and years of suffering, physically and spiritually.  So we ask that as you thank God for how he has moved to change the situation of hopelessness over these past weeks please pray that God would continue to work in Haiti and that moving forward we would start to see a different Haiti.

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