Monday, 27 January 2020

Valentines day

Anyone who knows me will knows me will know that valentines day is an unusual subject for me to talk about let along write a blog about it!

The story began back in 2008 at Bethesda when a very young, newly graduated Dr Rodney was leading devotions on valentines day.  The whole time he talked about love, how wonderful it is when people fall in love, how great it is to be married and finished off with the great love which God has for us. 

Ever since that day Dr Rodney developed the nickname Dr Love. From then on Dr Rodney was not only known for his medical consultations he also had some love consultations!

A young Dr Rodney in 2008!

I remember him bringing Amy and I into his room and giving us lots of advice on what we should be doing if we want to get married.  The only thing I remember was that single ladies need to 'open the door' and let men know your interested! He must have done something because just two years later we were both married!! 

Anyway Valentines day is Dr Loves favourite day of the year.  He loves celebrating love, he loves people being in love but most of all he lives out his life in  way that reflects Christs love for us. 

To celebrate valentines day 2020 Bethesda Medal Centre is asking supporters to hold a valentines day event.  The purpose of the event would be to have an opportunity to present the project to build a new Bethesda and raise funds for the new building. 

Here are some ideas: 

- Invite your friends over for a dessert night. 

- Cook a meal for your friends so they don't have to go to a restaurant and look at all the couples! 

- We know restaurants put their prices up on valentines days so why not prepare a meal and invite a few couples over.  Ask the couples to donate, whatever they would normally spend on going out to dinner. 

Another plus Valentines day is a Friday and Friday night is the perfect night to have some people over to your home. 

On Friday 14th February 2020 Dr Love will be on Facebook life to give some relationship advice and then talk more about the project to build a new Bethesda.

If you are willing to hold and event, get in touch with me and I'll make sure you get some information and promotional material.


  1. Thanks Julie for the idea in the backstory. Kelly and I have accepted the challenge and our looking forward to a great evening

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