Saturday, 29 May 2021

We have a date

 Normally when we are home whether that's Canada or Northern Ireland we get an opportunity to speak in churches and share what has been going on in Haiti, obviously with COVID we have been unable to do that and we haven't been in Canada since 2019. 

So we have put together this video to share with you a bit more about what's going on in Haiti and what our plans are.  I hope you enjoy it 😀

In other news we have booked flights! We got Jacob's passport a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting to see if  the US border is going to open.  So far this has not happened and doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon so we have booked our flights to leave the UK on 29th July where we will fly to Nassau in the Bahamas - I know one of the downsides to Haiti being in the Caribbean 😀 from there we will fly to Haiti. 

We are looking forward to going back but at the same time it will be hard to leave. Some of the things we are looking forward to are, teaching in person for Bill, seeing our friends who we didn't even get to say goodbye to, going back to our house, getting back to the clinic and the never ending sunshine.  The boys are looking forward to seeing Bello Bello - our cat who has miraculously survived all this time with us away, playing outside in barefeet all day everyday, going to the beach and getting back to school to see their friends. 

Some of the things we are going to miss are our family, our friends, playgrounds, forests, rockpools, smooth roads, and availability of certain foods! It's definitely going to take some time to get used to life in Haiti again - it is just so different from life here in Northern Ireland and with most of our OMS team gone it is going to be different from when we were there before. 

The next two months will be spent getting our house ready to rent out, packing up our stuff, buying stuff we need for Haiti - the boys have grown a lot in the last year and spending time with family and friends and saying goodbye!

Although this time at home was completely unplanned and even with all the restrictions it has been good.  We are thankful that Bill was able to continue his job at Emmaus and Julie has still been involved at Bethesda.  Jacob has made so much improvement in the last year and having access to speech therapy which we don't have in Haiti has come at exactly the right time for him.  We have been able to get done all the things we needed to get done which are impossible from afar.  So although this was not our plan the Lord has worked everything out and let's be honest - whose life ever goes according to the plan anyway? Ours certainly haven't! 😂

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