Thursday, 5 August 2021

We made it!!

I know its a few days late but we are here! Thank you for your prayers, all of our travels went well and we are here. 

It really is good to be back.  This doesn't take away from the fact it was hard to leave but we are so thankful for the extended period of time we had at home with our family and friends. 

The boys did great on all the flights and flying through the Bahamas worked out fine.  It was pretty amazing to fly out of the Bahamas and onto Turks and Cacois and then onto Haiti.  The beauty of those flights in that you are on a small (30 people) propeller plane and the views are amazing!  The colour of the water is unbelievable.  I have to say and maybe I am biased but Haiti does have the most beautiful landscape the mountains in Haiti are just beautiful.  Haiti has so much potential. 

We arrived on Sunday and as soon as we got home the boys ripped their shoes off and were straight outside. Its like they are back in their natural habitat!  They are really enjoying being back and of course the fact that Bello is unbelievably, still alive, made their day.  Bello is pretty glad to have some company and some actual cat food!  I was a little concerned how Jacob was going to be, we had no idea if he remembered Haiti or not.  Usually he is very quiet and scared around strangers but so far he has been great with everyone who has been to our house.  This is such a big answer to prayer.  Jacob has made so much progress in the past year not only with his speech, but in his whole development and we just weren't sure how another big transition would affect him, but he has done brilliantly. 


when we first got here it felt a little bit like we were in a time warp, when we arrived in the house my shopping list was still written on the whiteboard, meals written in the diary for the week we left, my pjs and our bedsheets in the dirty washbox, and Bill's whiteboard full of his classes. 

We have been spending the last few days organizing, cleaning, washing and seeing people.  All our clothes have been sitting for over a year and all needed washed. With not having any other missionaries on campus and no tesco nearby I wasn't sure how those first few days would be.  Normally when any of us get back we make sure the other people have some food in the cupboards and meals for a day or two but even without the other missionaries here the Lord sent us lots of people.  Leme and Gerta went to town to buy us some food,  Yverose came on Monday to help with the washing and cleaning, Rose has been staying for a few days, Vedane left a lasagne for dinner on Sunday and Shelley brought dinner and other things on Monday.  All of this has made these first few days a LOT easier.  

I visited Bethesda on Wednesday and it was so good to see everyone even if they did say ' Julie you look so much fatter its good, you look better like that.' I'll take it as a compliment.  I walked into the PT department and it was full of patients plus Altidor and Echebert and 5 students from the local PT college.  It has come a long way from when I first came to Haiti 5 years ago.

Thank you for your prayers and support over this time.  I am not really great at keeping this blog up to date so I have decided to try to share a little more on my instagram page about living in Haiti. I can do shorter posts and share more photos if your on instagram feel free to follow me @julie_edler. When we were home a lot of people were asking me what day to day life was like and I think that is the best way to share.

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