Thursday, 14 July 2016


I have been visiting Junior every week and we took him for an Xray last week. His X rays are normal and we still have no idea how Junior went from being able to stand alone & walk to now being completely paralysed. The next stage for Junior is to get a CT scan to see exactly what is going on in his spine then we will know whether anything can be done for him. There are two options for a CT scan, there is one CT scanner in Haiti, its in a hospital in Mirebalias which is close to Port au Prince around 7 hours away. The other option is to go to the Doninican Republic however Junior does not have a passport.

We are not sure what costs would be involved in either option or the logistics. Please pray for wisdom as to what to do next and how that will work out. I really feel we cannot just leave Junior as is he but we need to find out what has caused his paralysis and if there is anything which can be done.

Junior & Magalee in 2010 after months of physio Junior was able to stand unaided

Junior, Magalee & Abigail now 

Sam & Abigail love playing together.....even though they cannot communicate!

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