Sunday, 5 February 2017

Community Fridays

Friday has turned into my day of community physio visits.  I leave Sam to school at 8 then Joel and I head off to people's homes to do their physio.

This past Friday began with a visit to Alex & Astrid, my friends who were in Milot hospital (you can read their story here).  After almost two weeks of sleeping outside the hospital but not able to leave the grounds because they haven't paid their bill, they got home.  The surgeon who performed Alex's surgery saw them outside and told them he would pay the bill so they can leave, he took their electoral cards and now they owe him the money.  It is a much much better situation for them to be in, they still owe the Doctor the guts of $300 (US) but at least they are sleeping in a bed and are with their kids.  They are staying with family who will look after them until they are back on their feet.  Alex really needs the physio and Astrid will need hers once her cast comes off.  It was so good to see them at home much more comfortable and to see their two kids happy as they hadn't seen their parents for over a month.   The only thing Astrid had to say was how thankful she was to God.  She was getting desperate and could not see a way out of the situation.  They had exhausted all means they had of getting money together and could not see how they were ever going to leave the hospital.  They (and us) were praying and praying that God would provide a way for them to get home and he did.

Next we headed to another patients house in a different area.  This little girl is 12, she is unable to walk or use her arms well.  I first went to see her last week where it was very difficult to get a good history and figure out exactly how she ended up the way she is now.  It seems she was able to walk then about a year ago she fell and hasn't walked since. So we are trying physio to get some strength back in her legs, to prevents contractures and see if we can get her a bit more mobile.

If you remember please pray for this little girl  (I can't remember her name, next week  I will write it down).  To have a child who in unable to walk here is so hard, they don't have any of the equipment we would have at home like a wheelchair, a hoist, splints and the list could go on.  Her mother carries her on her back to sit outside most of the day.  Last week I had the opportunity to share the gospel with the family too.  Please pray that physio will help and that the family will come to know Jesus as their Saviour.

While I was there a young guy about 30 came in, he had broken his leg last year and it was put in plaster for a month.  When they re X rayed they saw the bone did not heal properly,  He was told he needs an operation but he has no way of paying for that.  He showed me his X rays which were taken 3 months ago and wanted me to do some physio to try to help which I can't do.

I would appreciate any advice from doctors /orthopaedic specialists who are reading this!!

Our last stop was Mano's house.  Mano has cerebral palsy and probably epilepsy, he has seizures  once or twice a month but has never been diagnosed or given medicine for the seizures.  I used to go and do physio with Mano once every couple of weeks when I was here in 2010 so its great to have the chance to go back.  He has done really well with keeping his mobility and is able to walk about the house as he needs to.

Mano in 2010
Joel loves being out and everyone loves Joel so our Friday mornings work great and once were finished we go and get Sam from school.  

 I love getting out and treating people in their homes but I usually have to go because it is so difficult for them to get to the clinic. The other side of this work is the pressure which I feel. Often people have been to many doctors and have given up on getting any answers.  It feels like people expect me to have the answers, to know why that person is sick and for me to be the one to make them better.  With no neurologists, pediatricians, MRI scanners and other diagnostic tests, I often don't have a diagnosis, I just treat the problems and pray that the physio will help. 

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