Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A few miracles

In among all the sad sad stories we hear here in Haiti, among all the people who come to the door for food and for money I just heard a miracle today. One of the ladies who works in the Bundy's house told Angie (Bundy) something super exciting. Her name is Gladys. Her grandson was living in Port with his auntie, his parents are both dead (before the earthquake). During the earthquake he got separated from his Auntie, in the midst of all the chaos he ran away. Their house was destroyed and the family looked and looked and couldn't find him, he is only 10 years old and they all assumed he was dead.

He spoke to some people and said he thought he had a granny in Cap Haitian, so someone paid to put him on a bus into Cap Haitian. It had been a few years since he had been in Cap and didn't have any idea where to go. He got off the bus when he recognised a place so got off and spoke to a few people who helped him find his Granny! So 3 months later the boy arrived safe and well at his Granny's house outside of Cap Haitain. It really is a miracle. Gladys kept saying 'why has God chosen to help me like that, Who am I that I should deserve this miracle!' But that is exactly the kind of God we have, one who loves us and cares about us.

I have just been working in Milot a few days a week and in our clinic the other few days. The Patients at milot are really starting to get much much better. We had one lady, Yolande who had a partial spinal cord injury in the earthquake, she had a fixation of her back. When I first when she was walking with a frame, with a back brace on, and splints on her feet and the help of at least one person. Now she is walking with a stick, with no brace, with no splints. Its so great to see their improvement.

We have this ultrasound in our clinic which no one knows how to use. I wrote about it before. Hannah and I and all our missionaries have been searching and trying to find anyone who does ultrasound to come down to be able to teach Hannah how to do it, especially for pregnant ladies, as we have about 100 pregnant ladies who come each Wednesday and if there are any problems we have to send them somewhere else which is more expensive for them. On Saturday Hannah and I were out at Milot and a new team had just arrived. I'm not sure exactly how we found out but they have an Ultrasound tech here from the US, so we met him and asked if he would come out to our clinic even for a day to do a bit of training. (Not that you can learn ultrasound in a day!but its better than nothing). He very happily agreed and was out today training Hannah all day which is great. Its amazing how God sends people when you need them. We'd been looking and looking and here someone arrived in Haiti without us even trying!!
Our ultrasound machine

The last time I was in Haiti I treated a wee boy who had Cerebral Pasly. His name was Luvinson and he was 5. I loved him coming, he was so cute and used to come in and sing to me every week. He is affected down one side by his CP, but he is mobile and manages very well. The only thing he did have was his wee right foot was contracted and he walked right up on his tip toe.

Luvinson in 2008

So I really wanted to see him when I got back but I forgot to bring his mum's phone number with me and I totally forgot where they lived. I was driving home from Milot a few weeks ago and I was stopping along the way to get phonecards and everywhere I stopped they didn't have any. And I was driving along thinking about Louvinson because I thought we were about in the area they lived in, I pulled over to get phonecards and I heard someone shouting my name. I looked over and it was Luvinson with his mum!I couldn't believe it I had literally just been thinking about him. Then next week he came to visit me in the clinic, it was so good to see him. There is an orthopaedic surgeon who visits the big hospital in town, he is american but lives in the Domincan, so she had taken him there and he had had surgery to fix his wee foot. He looks great and is doing really well. There is no way I would have been able to find him and the very moment I was thinking about him there he was.

Luvinson now

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