Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Three girls for your prayers

I have three girls who I would love you to pray for. The first is Tania.
I just met Tania over 2 weeks ago in Milot she was admitted with Breast Cancer, she has had 4 operations already but the tumour keeps growing back. They told her at the hospital she needs to go to the states for chemotherapy but so far has no possibilty of doing that. She came to me to ask for help and see what I could do. Haitian's know that alot of times when they send patients to the states its the 'white' teams that come in who organise it and being able to speak Creole often they come to me. I really didn't even know how to start doing anything like that, but I have been in touch with a few people from Milot and we are trying to see what we can do. Please pray that things get sorted out, without the treatment she will die, surgery is not an option anymore because the tumour just keeps growing back. Alsp pray for Tania, she is a christian and is really trusting in God to help her, pray for strength and courage.

The Second is a girl from Balan, Her name is Wistna she is 28 and was in Port during the earthquake at school. She was trapped in the building for a while, slept in the road for a few days before returning to Balan(which is here in the north about 20 mins from where we are). She had broken both her wrists however had no money to go to a doctor so she didn't. After a few months her family noticed she just wasn't the same, she was very quiet and withdraw, she missed her friends who she lost in the earthquake and then in June she drunk a bottle of bleach and washing powder. They took her to a hospital for some medicine but she is still not coping. There is not really any psychologists in Haiti and she hasn'thad any counselling or any help in how to cope with how she is feeling. I have a friend who lives in Balan and it was him who brought her to me last week because of her hands. We did X rays and thankfully her both wrists have healed well even though they had no casts on them, I knew to look at her she still wasn't well psychologically and everytime I asked her a question her mum answered. I had to take her over to X ray and I had a wee chat with her on the way so see if she would tell me how she was really feeling, I explained she needed to see a doctor and we have one here if she agrees so I sent her over to one of our Doctors Dr Rodney who is a great doctor and a wonderful counsellor. Please pray for her as Dr Rodney counsels her and helps her recover from the trauma she has been though. One of the difficulties with psychological problems in Haiti is that voodoo and Devil worship is so prominent here that is anyone is will psychologically people assume it is Satan and an evil spirit they have within them which is not always the case.

The third girl I would like you to pray for is Sterlina. Sterlina has left Cap Haitian and gone back to live with her family. When they found her family (which she thought were dead) she didn't know if she was even going to be able to visit. Now seeing her mum and dad are both alive she cannot stay at the orphanage as it is for kids who have no parents. Then they told her she is going and not coming back, she left 2 weeks ago and I have been chatting to her on the phone, she is glad to see her family but she is not overly happy. Her dad is ill and cannot work and there are 6 or 7 other kids so she doesn't always eat and she won't be going to school this year as her family don't have the money to send her. Pray for her just to settle, she wasn't happy in the orphanage either I think she is also trying to still cope with what she has been through this year.

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