Sunday, 12 September 2010

A wee blessing

Meet Dalundy........

On Tuesday just after devotions in the clinic Ms Ketelie called me over to see a wee baby who had just arrived with her dad. She was crying and crying so I lifted her up to try and calm her down and we sat and talked to the dad, He told us he left his house at 3am this morning to come here, the baby's mum died about 2 months ago and he was left with the baby and he didn't know what to do anymore, he didn't know how to look after her. We asked if she was sick, seeing it was a clinic he came to. He said no, he didn't think so she just cries alot. So we asked him why he came here to our clinic we are here to provide medical care, we don't have an orphanage or anything like that. So we got the baby some clothes and I fed her a wee bottle of milk, the first few times I tried to give it to her she could not use the bottle at all. So we asked what the dad what he had been feeding her, he said cows milk with a spoon, butter and flour. We kept her for a while to feed her and calm her down, meanwhile Dr Rodney had come over to see what was going on and he said to me I will take the baby, I said what about Vedane (His wife) so he told me to phone her and get her to come over to the clinic. Immediately she said yes and came to see the wee baby. Vedane talked the dad and they went to sort out the legal side of things, the dad had brought everything with him he needed to give the baby away.

That was it!!I asked Dr Rodney how did you make such a big decision like that so quickly. He said he knew by the way the dad was talking that he wanted to give the baby away and he felt like he should look after it. After I asked Vedane the same question, she told me just the night before she had a dream she was with someone and there was a baby there for her to take, however someone came along and asked for the baby so she didn't want to fight she said 'ok take the baby, God is going to send me a beautiful baby girl.' So when Dr Rodney told her about the wee baby in the clinic she knew straight away that it was from God.

They are going to change her name to Alisha but for now she is Dalundy or just 'tibebe' (wee baby!!) She is such a blessing to their family already, everyone who comes to see her loves her and she is so good. She smiles all the time, eats well and sleeps well. And even after what her dad has been feeding her she is healthy. Obviously Vedane didn't have any baby stuff in her house but already some of our missionaries had some old baby clothes and stuff and Hannah just got back from the states yesterday and she brought back stuff for the baby. Here are some photo's of her...........


  1. God bless Dr. Rodney and Vedane. She's just adorable. I'm sure the boys will be great big brothers.

  2. Wow, Julie, that's incredible! thanks for sharing this. Blessings to Dr. Rodney and Vedane.



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