Thursday, 8 September 2016

The boys

People are always asking how the boys are so here you go....

Sam has taken a while to settle in to life in Haiti, he loves where we live and being able to play outside.   He never complains he is too hot and insists on wearing his PJ's and using a blanket at night time.  Being out in the community and going to church is a bit overwhelming for him, everything is so loud (especially church) and when he is in the street with me people are staring or shouting at him and the kids are all trying to touch him which he doesn't like but he is coming round and getting more and more comfortable everyday.

He loves saying 'Koman ou ye?' (how are you in Creole) to people he knows and is starting to say a few more things in Creole.  Sam's favourite things to do are go swimming, play outside with Lily & Sofie, visit friends houses who have kids to play with and play (torture) Bello Bello.......his kitten!

One thing which I appreciate here with Sam is the opportunity to teach him.  We had a young girl in the clinic who is 25 and pregnant with her 6th child. She is on her own, her mother is dead and her father threw her out of the house.  Anyway  I was explaining to Sam I was going to collect up some of his and Joel's clothes and give them to a little boy who didn't have any clothes. Our conversation went like this.....

M - Sam, I am going to give some of your clothes to a little boy who doesn't have any.
S - I don't want to give my clothes away!
M - How would you feel if you didn't have any clothes?
S - I would be sad, I am going to give that little boy some of my clothes.
M- Sam, that's very kind.
S - I am going to give that little boy some of my books too.
M - ok Sam
S - Can I give that little boy some of my toys too?
M - Sam you know if you give some toys away you can't get them back.
S - Ok I am going to give that little boy some of my toys and he will be really happy.
M -  Sam, that is very kind of you.

So he collected up his clothes, a couple of books and some toys and put them in a bag to give to this little boy and told me ' I am really happy that little boy is going to be happy.'
We went later that day to give the bag to Dr Rodney in the clinic who was going to pass on the stuff to the young girl.  Sam kept asking about the bag, when we were going to give it to Dr Rodney and he was very concerned that it went to the right person. He told me lots of times that little boy will be really happy.  Even for a few days after he was talking about it.  He also hasn't asked for any of the toys he gave away ( He doesn't forget anything so I thought he might ask for them one day!!).

  It was really lovely amidst the temper tantrums (they don't call it terrible twos for no reason!!) to see a different side of him and to see him thinking about other people and realising the world doesn't revolve around him. Also to see that he was valuing how that little boy would feel more than his clothes, toys and books which we know are very important when your 2!!

There are lots of obvious opportunities here to teach him about sharing, about helping other people and about being thankful for all the things God has given to us.

I told him last week Granny is coming to visit our new home and he has been asking about it everyday! He wants to know when Granny is coming on the big plane.  We are very thankful for facetime  and anytime Sam wants to talk to his granny we can just phone her.

Poor Joel hasn't been well for just over 2 weeks now, he is much better than what he was but still not 100 %.  He is still got a runny nose and cough but is in much better form and almost back to his very smiley self.  He loves anybody talking to him, or if you just talk near him he smiles!  He is wanting to get into everything but hasn't quite worked out how to crawl yet.  He loves watching Sam play but that may be a different story once he starts to move! He is still growing quickly and weighs 21 lbs!! Needless to say I don't carry him around a lot and I am looking forward to him crawling.

My favourite time with the boys is bath time and story time! Every night they are in the bath together and they love it then we go into Sam's room for a story, it s funny to see Joel sitting up watching the book at only 7  months old!

impossible to get them all to look at the camera at the same time.....I am hoping this will improve with age!

Photobombed by Pepper & Boone


  1. Aw Julie just lovely to see and hear about the boys. How kind was that of Sam to share his toys etc with that little boy. Continuing to pray for you all as you settle into life and the work you are doing in Hairi. God bless

  2. Thanks for all you have done in raising important issues and taking on those who don’t like being challenged
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