Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I managed to get two wheelchairs and was able to go last week and give them out.  The wheelchairs came  from the Swiss paraplegic foundation who sent in a container of 250 chairs to a hospital just outside of Cap Haitian and the chairs have been distributed around different physiotherapists. I managed to get two off a physiotherapist.

The first went to Mano a 15 year old with Cerebral Palsy.  Mano can walk a few metres unaided but it is really difficult for him.  He hasn't really left his house in a few years.

The other went to Alynx, a ten year old with microcephaly.  He loves sitting outside his house watching everyone and hanging out.  He was sitting on a wooden chair with a pole across the front to make sure he doesn't fall out.  Now he will be able to sit somewhere more comfortable and go out.  He lives very close to the clinic so once I start working someone can bring him over for physio once a week.

He was very happy to get his chair!! I couldn't find a child's chair but this is better than nothing.

Both boys were patients of mine when I was in Haiti before and I had to go to their houses to treat them hopefully now they will be able to come to the clinic for physio and with better facilities we should be able to do more.

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