Tuesday, 4 October 2016

God answers prayer

I am not sure why we are always surprised when God answers prayers.  We spent the past couple of days checking and checking the news and weather to find out when Matthew was going to hit, how much rain to expect, how strong the winds would be and how long it would last.

Every single website said the same thing, ALL of Haiti was under hurricane warning, here in the north we were to expect the rain to start on Monday evening and last all day Tuesday.  We were supposed to experience strong gale force winds and up to 12 inches of rain.  So we went to bed on Monday night waiting for the rain and wind to start.

We had NOTHING all night.  Overnight the path of Hurricane Matthew took a shift to the west but we were still reading to expect lots and lots of rain.   Today we have had a very light rain most of the day but no wind at all.  We have had storms in the past couple of months which have been a lot worse than anything we have experienced today.

So despite all the weather channels and experts God has shown that he is in control and that he does answer our prayers.  We were praying for protection against the storm for Haiti and that somehow the strength of the storm would decrease.  We were never expecting that all we would have would be a little light rain.

We know the south west of Haiti has been devastated by the hurricane with huge amounts of rain and extremely strong winds.  Many people have lost their homes, possessions,  livestock and crops. Finding food and clean water will be difficult over the next few days and weeks please continue to pray for those people.  But the damage for the rest of Haiti was so much less than predicted.

With a lot of rain anywhere in Haiti the there can be outbreaks of cholera and malaria and Bethesda is already prepared for another cholera outbreak.

So we praise God that he is in control and that he answered the prayers of many people for Haiti.


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