Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew

As you have probably seen in the news Hurricane Matthew is heading towards Haiti.  We are in the north of Haiti and at the minute it looks like Matthew will miss us but we will get some heavy rain and strong winds.  Our campus is very secure and it is unlikely that the hurricane will cause much damage to us.

However this is not true of most people, the people we work alongside everyday, the staff in the clinic, the students in Bill's classroom, our friends......  It is likely they will not be protected from the storm.  It is likely their mud houses will flood or be damaged.

It seems Matthew will hit the south of Haiti hardest starting on Monday night.  Please be praying for Haiti over the next few days. Pray the strength of the hurricane will decrease, pray that it won't take lives, pray that it won't cause mass devastation and pray for God's protection over Haiti.  

We are expecting rain and wind here on Monday night & Tuesday and if you don't hear from us it is because we will have lost internet.  Thank you for praying for Haiti.

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  1. Many are praying here at home for you all Julie and the people of Haiti. God bless
    Sheila xo



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