Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Catch up

Where did I leave off?  We spent our first weekend in Canada in Montana where we were speaking at Glasgow Evangelical Church.  This is the church Bill’s mum grew up in and we had the chance to go and share before we went to Haiti in 2015.  It was nice to be back in the church and see a few familiar faces from last time and also to see Bill’s aunts and uncles again.  The big upside of going to Montana is the generosity of Uncle Richard letting us stay in his beautiful cabin by Fort Peck lake AND letting us use his boat and jet skis which the boys really enjoyed. 

The next Saturday was a big Edler / Lynn (Bill’s grandmother’s family) reunion.  We had around 80 people there with lots of family even Bill had never met.  We got to read lots of history about how the family first came to Canada and settled in Youngstown.  A few people shared family history, we got an opportunity to share about our work in Haiti and then we had a panel of experts who told us lots of stories from life on the farm before machinery!

All the Edler grandkids

The oldest Uncle Doug at 92 with the youngest Caleb at 6 months.

Bill then flew to Winnipeg to visit Tim (who was best man at our wedding) and the boys and I stayed back on the farm to have some good cousin time.  The day after Bill got home we drove about 5 hours to Saskatoon to visit with some supporters and friends on Friday night.  The boys loved playing with the kids and we were able to thank our supporters in person and give them a bit more of an idea what life is like in Haiti.  Saturday we met up with Bills friend, Brian, who has recently moved from Youngstown to Saskatchewan. Then drove back to Youngstown.

Joel just having a small snack!!

On Sunday morning we were sharing in Youngstown Gospel Chapel, which is the church Bill grew up in.   It was lovely be able to see some of our supporters and show them a bit more about how God is working in Haiti.  Bill has enjoyed being back in his home town and especially spending time with his family.

We have had 5 cousins here at the farm, all aged 5 and under so its been a bit chaotic at times but the kids have really had a great time playing together. Tomorrow we drive to Calgary to stay with Bill's brother and sister in law (Karl & Beckie) and their two kids.  We're going to have a few days holiday and use the rest of the boys Christmas money to go to Calgary Zoo, Heritage park and a day in the mountains! As well as share in Karl & Beckie's church, finish off Haiti shopping and get packed and ready to leave Calgary at midnight on Monday night!!

Nothing like falling asleep on the floor of the tractor!!

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