Monday, 30 November 2020

Not where we thought we would be

 I am guessing most of us can say that about this year! 

In March 2019 when the Bethesda Medical Center board made the decision to move and build a new Bethesda we had no idea what would lay ahead of us.

 Little did any of us know Haiti would continue to go through months and months of political unrest making it almost impossible to look for a new property.  At that time our patient numbers were very low but we praise God we were able to keep our doors open and God protected our staff as they journeyed to and from work often through roadblocks and violence.

In October we found property and God provided for us all the funds we needed to pay it all off by the end of 2019. 

Then COVID.  We all know how COVID has affected and is still affecting our lives everyday.  For Bethesda in Haiti, this meant we had to stock up on PPE, add handwashing stations and social distancing markers at our clinic.  We had months with very low patient numbers which have now gradually increased but we praise God we have not seen one single case of COVID at Bethesda.  The other way COVID has affected us is in fundraising for a new Bethesda.  The boards plan was for Dr Rodney to travel every 6-8 weeks to share the vision and get people involved.  Obviously this has not been able to happen nor does it look like it is an option in the near future.

All this to say, we are not where we thought we would be BUT looking back we can see God’s faithfulness.  Our doors are open and we are treating patients.  God provided an excellent team of engineers, construction workers and architects and the design process is almost finished. 

So today I am excited to share with you some of the most up to date renders from the design team from one of the buildings at the new Bethesda.  The plans consist of four main buildings each having a particular purpose depending on what service they will provide.  This new layout will give us more space, improved waiting areas and will allow for better patient flow.  Here are some of the renders from building one. 

Don't they look amazing?!?!

Being in Haiti we have to install all of our infrastructure.  I really had no idea how much work goes into some, ok, all of these systems.  Having a good water system starts with drilling a well and includes water storage, water pumps, waste water treatment and a lot more that I have no idea about.  We will also be installing solar power and I won't even attempt to go into any more detail than that! 

If your interested in seeing more I will be sharing lots more images and information on the Bethesda facebook page

Tomorrow is giving Tuesday and Bethesda are raising funds towards the water system at a new Bethesda.  There is also a $10,000 matching donation which means when people give their donation will be doubled! 

Please pray for the plans to build a new Bethesda.  The final design is almost finished and raising funds has been very difficult during the pandemic.  Please pray that God will provide all that we need.  Pray especially for fundraising this month with giving Tuesday and end of year giving. 

If you follow Bethesda on facebook please share our posts! 

Finally if you feel led to give you can do so here from the US or the UK.  

or here if your giving from Canada. 

Its been a long road through political instability and COVID times to get here but the best is yet to come! We believe God will provide all we need to build this new Bethesda Medical Center in Haiti so we can improve our quality of care and reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and ultimately see lives transformed. 


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