Saturday, 12 December 2020

Not where we thought we would be part 2!

 I couldn't write a post called not where we thought we would be and not give you a little update on where we are! 

When we left Haiti in March we had no idea we would be in Northern Ireland this long.  We literally walked out of our house like we were going out for a few hours and didn't get a chance to pack anything up!

When we decided to stay in Northern Ireland we talked about maybe returning to Haiti in January 2021.  We talked about Bill going on a trip or two and me going on a trip aswell.  We also talked about Bill perhaps going to Canada to do some speaking and help with our support raising.  With the US border still closed, even for transit to anyone from the UK none of those things have been possible.  We are so thankful for God's leading and guiding in making the decision to stay here in Northern Ireland until summer 2021. 

It has allowed us to really settle and get some stuff done we really needed to get done.  We have sent off Jacob's application for British citizenship to the UK home office, the guidance has told us it could take up to 6 months before we hear anything so we are waiting and praying that it will go through and Jacob will be granted his citizenship before we return to Haiti next summer. 

Jacob has now been going to speech therapy for about 5 months and has really made some good progress.  From saying just a handful or words he is now putting 2-3 words together, although it is funny what he has learnt.  He definitely learns words which he wants to say like bin lorry, drone, saurus rex and many words to do with toilet humour! (can you tell his has brothers.)  Being able to communicate has really helped with his behaviour and there is a lot less screaming in our house.  We are really thankful for this time for Jacob which he just would not have been able to get in Haiti. 

We have also been able to empty our storage unit, organise our stuff and move back into our house.  Our house needs some things done before we rent it out again next year so its good to be able to be at home and get those things done. 

So we are not where we thought we would be, we miss parts of life in Haiti and it is much more challenging to do our work from a distance but we are trying to make the most of this time at home even with all the covid restrictions. 

Jacob had his first birthday in Northern Ireland, Sam's first since he was 2 and now Joel can't wait for his birthday! 

It has been really fun to watch how the boys have adapted especially to the winter. When it first started getting dark early Joel just loved driving in the evening and looking at the street lights! Now you can imagine what its like with all the Christmas lights! He has changed his mind and decided that Santa might just be real!😀 😂 On Monday it was icy when they were walking to school and they thought it was the best thing ever and couldn't believe they could step on the frozen puddles without getting wet. 

We are just wrapping up, getting wet, embracing the weather (even though I really strongly dislike the cold!) and just going outside to meet up with friends. I'm pretty sure we have been to every playground, forest and beach near us!

This coming week is the last week of the semester for Emmaus so students are (hopefully!) busy revising for final exams, Bill is trying to get all his marking done so he can take some time off over Christmas.  Emmaus graduation, postponed from May, will take place on 18th December where there are 12 students graduating. 

Bethesda is open and seeing patients every day! The design for a new Bethesda is almost complete and we are praying and working for end of year giving asking the Lord to provide many funds so we can get started on construction.  Please pray with us for this. 

Even though we are not where we thought we would be we can look back we can see God's hand in bringing us back to Northern Ireland and thank him for what we have been able to do while we are here and are enjoying spending this time with family and friends. 

And Joel cannot wait for Christmas! 

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