Thursday, 28 January 2010

A wee bit about Cross training

Well Cross Training is nearly finished, tomorrow is our last day. I have learnt lots of things and hope to be able to apply them all when I get to Haiti so I can do my ministry more effectively. When I came I thought it was just called cross training because it was about cross cultural training but here's what it actually means....
C- cross cultural
R- relational
S- strategic
S- spiritual formation
We have been learning about OMS, its history and theology, about church planting and about the gifts God has given each of us and how we will use them in our different countries. We have had a really great group of people and had lots of fun together.

Our cross training group

 Apart from going to class and learning alot, we were able to go downtown to a couple of museums and then to a basketball game.

The basketball game

A war momument downtown Indianapolis
I was even interviewed by a local paper over the phone and Hannah (one of the other girls here who will be going to Haiti with me) and I got our picture taken and it was on the front page on the Daily Journal!!!

My claim to fame!!
So my plans are to spend the weekend with Amy (who I met last time I was in Haiti), then leave headquarters here on tuesday, and leave for Haiti on Wednesday morning. Haiti continues to need our prayers, OMS has sent down some medical teams which are treating patients and also an evangelism team who speak to people and yesterday 51 people came to know the Lord- in a place which seems so hopeless these people were given hope. Please pray as I travel on Tuesday and Wednesday into Haiti especially.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Glad cross training has gone well. From the photos it looks like you have certainly all bonded well! Will be praying much as you travel today and tomorrow to Haiti. it's great to catch up on all the info on your blog,
    love & God bless
    Sheila x



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