Sunday, 25 September 2016

The weekend

I didn't realise how busy we were last week until Stacey said ' I don't know how Bill is still standing after the week he has had!'  Last Saturday we had Dan & Sharon from England staying with us until Thursday.  Dan had worked in Port au Prince for 3 months before they were married and we met them at the OMS young adults weekend last October.  They were here for a vision trip and wanted to see all of the OMS ministries up here in the North. 

Last Sunday we went to church in the morning and Bill preached at English Bible Fellowship in the afternoon.  I took Sharon & Dan round all the OMS ministries on Monday & Tuesday.  Bill went with them to the Citadelle on Wednesday he also taught his first classes on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  Finally on Friday morning Bill was preaching in Chapel.  The theme for Chapel this semester is humility so Bill preached on humility in suffering from 1 Peter 4 v 12-19. 

Bill's preaching was too much for Joel!
With Joel still not sleeping all night we were ready for a rest. Saturday morning we took it easy at home and Saturday afternoon we took the boys along with Dr Rodney's kids to Villa Cana for a swim. It was Rouds birthday on Friday so this was his birthday treat and he loved it.  

Today the Heckmans and Ayars went to a church pastored by one of the final year students close to the DR border.  They left here at 7am and we just couldn't get ready for that time! So we decided to visit the local OMS church here in Saccenville.  It is a small fellowship of believers some of whom work here at EBS including Jeansouis who works in our yard and Roselore who we buy milk from. During the service they asked if anyone wanted to come up and sing and this wee old man was straight up with his too big trousers, too big shoes and dirty shirt but he sung his heart out! We enjoyed going to church locally and hope to get to know some more people who live in the local community.
This is the only time in the week both boys are dressed and clean!

This afternoon Bill, Sam, Lily & Sophie were outside having a water fight when it started to rain.....hard! They had the time of their lives and Bill was loving feeling cold!!

Meanwhile Joel was doing what Bill and I wish we could do on a Sunday afternoon..........

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