Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Busy Busy

EBS second semester started back on 9th January with the first block on intensive classes.  Pam is here from England and we also had Jerry Caskey, Larry Lain and Brookes Morton here all teaching the following....

With visitors here, we always have a trip to the beach which were not objecting too!! Although strangely enough it was cool and windy with the occasional shower! We were on the beach with cardigans on and it sort of reminded me how we go to the beach in Northern Ireland…..Cardigans, wind and rain!!

Jerry, Larry and Brookes all left at the weekend and Gail, Marc and Aline arrived.  We took them to Belony’s (one of our staff members) church on Sunday and Bill preached his very first sermon in Creole.  He did really well and even threw in a few jokes.  The previous week the church had had a visiting speaker and he did not preach the truth.  He was telling the church things like if someone has hair extensions then they are going to hell.  If they wear certain colours then they couldn’t possibly be saved and the result would be going to hell.  Belony spent the whole week explaining to the congregation this was not true, the Bible does not say any of these things.  Bill felt led to speak on Revelation ch 2 v 1-7.  He talked about false prophets and how they will try to deceive us.  About how we need to know which doctrines cannot be changed and which doctrines we can have different opinions on.  He reminded them that it is our love for God and for others that is the most important thing.  This echoed exactly what Belony had been trying to say to the church the whole week and was obviously what God wanted to speak to the church at Favil about. 

This week may be the busiest week at Emmaus ever, we are into our second set of intensives.  Pam is teaching church history to 1st and 2nd year,  Emily is teaching Christian Counselling to 3rd and 4th year and we have two Masters programs running!  We have our own Emmaus Masters classes taking place with Gail teaching Building Christian Community.  The other Masters program is run by Indiana Wesleyan University, they have 20 students in their program with 5 of them being on staff here at Emmaus. Marc is teaching Christian worldview and his wife, Aline is teaching French for Thesis writing.

Phew......I am tired just writing that, there is a lot going on here at Emmaus this month and it’s all for students to dig deeper into God’s word, to learn more and to be able to minister better here in Haiti. 

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  1. Thank you for taking time to keep prayer partners in the picture! It must be so easy to say "Too busy!!". Praying that in all the Gospel business, you as a family get quality time together . . .



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