Wednesday, 11 January 2017

O You of little faith.....

Just after Christmas I had a new patient come to the clinic.  She had suffered a stroke about 5 years ago, she was mobile but had very little movement in her left arm and just a small bit of movement in her left hand.  When I assessed her her left arm was very stiff for me to move it.

I asked her a questions I ask almost all my patients ' How did you know to come here for physiotherapy?'

She replied ' Around 3 months ago I had a dream and in the dream God told me to go to Vaudrieul.  I ignored it and didn't go.  Then I had the same dream again but I still didn't go.  I had the same dream again a third time but this time a friend was in the dream and she was encouraging me to go to Vaudrieul.  I knew God was telling me to go to Vaudrieul and he also told me I would find a 'blanc' (me!) so I came to Vaudrieul, to Bethesda and I found you here.  The blanc in my dream looks just like you.'

I was surprised but it seems in Haitian Culture God quite often speaks to people through dreams and that has happened to me before with another patient.  So we continued on, I explained to her that its been 5 years since her stroke and the normal period for recovery is up to two years so I didn't really think therapy would  make any difference.  She told me 'its ok Jesus is going to heal me'.  She said it over and over again throughout the session so I didn't have the heart to tell her not to come back, that physio probably won't do anything.  We agreed to try for 6 weeks and see if she made any progress.  I was pretty sure there would be no improvement.

She came back yesterday and when I asked how she was she told me she was better!  Her arm had a lot more movement in it, it was easy to move and she was able to open and close her hand.....something she was unable to do just two weeks ago.  I almost couldn't believe it.  I told her I was surprised.  To which she replied ' I told you Jesus would heal me and look what he is doing, he is healing me, its a miracle!'

There you go, I don't need to say anymore.  It's amazing to see people of great faith and to see God at work.

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